Equal Rights In Indonesia

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In the US, women have equal rights and responsibility follows after. but what about other countries? do they have equal rights? is there responsibilities as well? what about women in my native country Indonesia? Indonesian women fight for their rights from the 19th centuries until now. And every women who fights for their rights should know that every right has a responsibility. There are many women who fight for their right in Indonesia and one of the pioneer example is Raden Adjeng Kartini. Raden Adjeng Kartini was born on April 21, 1879, in Mayong, Indonesia, which is in Central Java. She was born into a family with a strong intellectual tradition. Her father was a Javanese nobleman working for the Dutch colonial government, which afford…show more content…
Since she was young, Said were a member of the Peoples Union organization and later became a member of the Indonesian Muslim Organization. She was an orator who declaim the cruelty of the Dutch Government. She was imprisoned for a period of time for her activities by the Dutch in 1932 in Semarang in Central Java. Rasuna Said fight for the rights of the equal right of both men and women. It doesn’t specifically says what kind of equal right she fight for, but still there’s a responsibility for that. The responsibility of equal right between men and women is that both party have full participation in selection of candidates and politics. Participation in service to the nation weather it’s military service, jury service or etc is also another responsibility of equal…show more content…
Does women in Indonesia have rights? well, as it states in Rights of Female Workers Must Be Protected: Minister : ‘ …He said the government would continue to pouch for increased protection of female workers because of their role as mothers. “women get pregnant, give birth,breast feed and raised children-these facts should not affect their status as female workers,” the minister said. “one of their basic rights at their workplace is to be treated equally and not to be discriminated against,” he added. “equal treatment at the workplace is important for the development of fair and harmonious professional relation ship”…’ so as it says in the article by Edi Hardum. As you can see, now, women in Indonesia have equal right like the women in the U.S. or more. It states in this article, that now Indonesian female worker, or women in general, have the right to be protected. The right was passed because the female workers, as the article said, are often dismissed from their job when they get married or become pregnant. This right has a responsibility as any another right. the responsibility for this right is that while being protected the female workers should work diligently to respect the people who protect them. Also they should work diligently to show that even though they married or pregnant they are the same like other men and can work the same, and that they deserve equal terms of wages, family allowances,

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