Coonoscopy Case Study

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7 Most Common Questions About Colonoscopy? 1.) What is colonoscopy? It is a routine procedure performed by a specialist called a gastroenterologist. A colonoscopy allows an examination of the entire colon (1200-1500 mm in length). To carefully inspect the colon, a colonoscopy will be used. It is a lighted -flexible tubular instrument using fibre optic camera or CCD camera at the tip. It is a long and about a centime in diameter, about the width of your finger. The flexible tube will be passed through your rectum (anus). It can provide analysis of polyps and ulcerations. Colonoscopy can remove polyps as small one millimetre or less. It also grants the chance for biopsy. Once the polyps are removed they will be studied to determine if they are precancerous or not. Colonoscopy is safe, painless and will only take about 20-30 minutes. 2.) What are the risks or complications? Perforation is the most dreaded complication of colonoscopy. Accidentally making a hole in the colon is minimal and requires emergency operation. During the removal of a polyp or in the colonoscope insertion, perforation may happen.…show more content…
However the procedure may vary depending on the findings. The recovery time is about 30 minutes for an out-patient. During colonoscopy medications are given, that can temporarily impair judgment and coordination of the patient. The patient should be accompanied home. After 24 hours of your colonoscopy, the patient may feel the following loose watery stools, light-headedness from medicine intake, feeling sick to the stomach and cramping or bloating but can be relieve by passing gas. At least a day’s rest is recommend before the patient can go to work. Doing strenuous activity or heavy exercise is not advised like jogging or lifting weights. Long-distance travel as well as air travel is only recommended after 2 weeks of the patient’s colonoscopy

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