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Attachment is present throughout the entire human life cycle. According to Russel Isabella Ph.D., attachment is a “specific affectionate relationship that is formed between one person and another” often characterized by a desire to remain in close physical proximity of each other. More plainly, attachment is a “love relationship” that takes place between individuals in all walks of life (Isabella 1). Attachment is expressed in several ways. Among these ways of expression is music. In this essay, I will analyze the lyrics to the song “Dear Bobbie” by Yellowcard and explain how the lyrics relate to attachment, why I chose to analyze this song, and extrapolate how this song ties into my own life. “Dear Bobbie” begins with the narration of an older gentleman writing to his wife about the course of their relationship. He initiates his…show more content…
Unfortunately, I have not had the pleasure of experiencing a lasting romantic relationship like this man. Nevertheless, this song speaks to me in other ways. When I was very young, I was taken care of by an older gentleman and his wife while my parents were away. As time progressed, I became very attached to this couple. In times of strife, I ran to them for comfort, and in times of happiness, we reveled in each other’s victories. Despairingly, after a few years of caring for me, the woman was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and was relocated to an assisted living facility where she remained until her death. Following her departure, the man spoke to me about his wife. He expressed his love for her and imparted what it means to love someone. Regrettably, both of them have passed away, and I am left with only my memories. When listening to this song, I relive the time we spent together. It brings me to a place of comfort and security, which is often found among a mother and her child, which will stay with me for the rest of my

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