Essay About Language Skills

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Do you have ever heard “language skills”? How are they significant and how can we develop them? When we learn a language, there are four core skills that we need which are writing, reading, listening and speaking. We need to develop these major skills for English if we would like to learn English. There are many ways to improve your level of English through your own style practicing, and I also have my own style to develop my skills. Firstly, hobbies can affect my writing skill. Refer to a blog of MARELISA which mention that having a hobby is not just a way to pass the time; it can also improve the quality of your life.[1] One of my hobbies I adopt is writing postcards to people around the world. Writing postcard teach me how to arrange what I should write. If I write without planning, it may be like a story on the tiny paper without ending. My academic and official writing style is one consequence of…show more content…
I try to read more, not just in the class, for I believe that reading skill can be developed well by reading. According to the journal, to improve, we need to have clear reading goals, choose the right texts; use the right reading style, and use note-taking techniques.[2] I obtain with reading in what can grab my attention and read it as much as I can. For example, one of my enthusiasms is bible verses, so I read bible verses at my usual time. I gain new vocabularies, learn numerous of examples of sentences, and acquaint myself with the long sentences through bible verses. In addition, I decided to read what I intimate. For example, I am studying in the faculty of ICT which is about computer and technology, so I determined to read the technology news on Twitter. I try to summarize to share with friends to know new technology and keep on ameliorating my reading skill. Thus, reading skill resulted from reading more than what you are forced to
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