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Showing and Telling About Language From hieroglyphics to modern communication, imagery and words have always been total opposites, while simultaneously one in the same. Show and Tell, by Scott McCloud, discusses this natural connection one makes between language, imagery, and words and the methods through which comic artists express this connection. The piece appears in his graphic essay Understanding Comics, prompted by McCloud’s experience as a comic artist and reader. Show and Tell specifically intends to educate the reader on graphic novels. Exploring various comic styles, demonstrating the connection between words and imagery and their connection to communication/language. To express his purpose the author exercises four primary rhetorical…show more content…
McCloud exploits this when exploring the various styles of comics, as discussed in paragraph four. Page 742 is a specific instance where McCloud uses illustration to discuss the comic style of “Word specific” writing.To summarize what is discussed later: illustrating the comic style the reader allows a greater understanding of said style. Additionally, McCloud’s own consistent art style allows the reader to juxtapose it against the given comic methods. The general illustration of the piece itself is a clever appeal made by the author. Discussing the relationship between words and imagery through a graphic novel is insightful; McCloud fully aware of his essay’s place in the world of comic art. The illustration of the piece is ultimately the strongest and most successful method of describing the connection between words and imagery. An entirely written piece exploring art styles would have been redundant and far less…show more content…
To enforce this theme when discussing comic creating methods. The author exploits an elevated diction along with descriptive examinations of the aforementioned writing methods. McCloud exercises an elevated diction in the essay; using terms such as “Crass commercialism”, (740) “interdependent”, (744) and “wildly incongruous” (747). The audience naturally led to trust McCloud’s claims due to this elevated language. Knowledge of the subject demonstrated efficiently through this medium. Another hue of the educational theme shown in Show and Tell would be the detailed descriptions given by the author regarding comic methods. “Perhaps the most common type of word/picture combination is the interdependent… an equal balance…the more said with words the more pictures can be freed to go exploring...” (744). The cited description being the longest given, spanning over multiple panels. The reader educated specifically through McCloud’s descriptions; the importance and effort of the essay found in his scholarly practice. Harnessing an informative tone allows McCloud to truly express his purpose of teaching the reader. Otherwise, the essay would be a discussion or examination of these styles, not a method of

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