Ergonomics Risk Factors

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Background Ergonomics focus on evaluating the fit between the work environment and the worker with a goal of adapting the environment to reduce health risks, and to increase safety and performance (Mani et. al, 2016 & Robertson, Huang & Lee 2017). The Ergonomics Risk Factors (ERF) are situations that contribute against the principles of ergonomics which may cause harm to the health and well-being of workers (Jaffar et. al 2011). In line with ergonomics, Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSDs) is common and the prevalence of symptoms is rising among office workers with intensive computer use (Robertson, et al 2012). These work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSD) risk factors include the workplace activities that require repetitive…show more content…
A study showed that most blueprints for furniture in the Philippines are patterned from American and European styles due to the fact that there was insufficient knowledge about anthropometric data in the Philippines. A study was then conducted in 2001 to gather the anthropometric data of Filipinos and data showed that most Filipinos’ anthropometric data are very different from Caucasians and even other Asians. Most Filipino workers have improper posture due to the fact that most seat measurement were not fit for them and this would then lead to MSD. (Vergara, 2001) ¬recommended measurements for desks and chairs such as a lower seat height and armrest due to the short stature of an average…show more content…
Occupational health and safety standard measures which uses these tools are enforced by the department of labor and employment (DOLE) as D.O. 184. The mandated order has to be implemented in all workplaces for workers whose nature of work requires spending long hours sitting to help reduce risk factors for having musculoskeletal disorders. For this reason, the authors decided to conduct a descriptive study in order to determine the ergonomic risk profile of UST non-academic office staff engaged in computer use. The study will basically know whether there is high risk or low risk of the worker for having musculoskeletal conditions. Note that as much as the researchers want to add information about UST employees complaining of MSDs to further support the objective, releasing of information is still in process for issues concerned with data

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