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Sound hazards: A no. of devices with varying levels of soundoutput are used in dentistry. However, it is reassuring to notethat only the high speed air turbine is considered sound/noisehazards. Other sources such as high speed evacuator emitsound well below levels that are thought to damage hearing.The duration as well as the degree of exposure is also anotherpotential critical factor for sound induced hearing loss(Samaranayake and Anil, 2001). Injury: The dentist and the clinical staff are at risk of physicalinjuries during many dental procedures. Sources of physicalinjury can include debris from the oral cavity striking the eyes,cuts from sharp instruments, or puncture wounds from needlesor other sharp instruments. Such injuries can result in thetransmission of serious infectious disease to the dental worker.Needle stick injuries and cuts from…show more content…
Inthe United States more than 800,000 needle stick injuriesoccur each year despite continuing education and efforts toprevent them. Eye injuries may occur from projectiles such asbits of calculus during scaling procedures and splatters frombody fluids (bacterial and viral aerosols) while using highspeed hand pieces. Another potential source of eye injury is the intense dentalcuring light. Users of dental curing lights should be advised toemploy protective eyewear during use (Samaranayake andAnil, 2001). Chemical Hazards: The chemical environment is one of themost rapidly expanding components of the work environmentbecause new chemicals and solutions are being introducedregularly. Many of these chemicals are among those whosehealth effects may not be known and may pose healthproblems taking years to manifest. Many biomaterials andauxiliary products used in dentistry are chemically reactive.Hazardous agents used

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