Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Case Study

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The base of the balm is where the carpal tunnel is located, and the eight carpal bones with the hard-fibrous roof named the transverse carpal ligament partially confined it. The tunnel gives passageway to the median nerve, eight digital flexor tendons, flexor pollicis longus tendon for the thumb, and their flexor synovial sheaths.(1) The carpal tunnel syndrome is considered to be a recognized type of entrapment neuropathies, which cause the peripheral nerves to be compressed. The tunnel works as a narrow passage for ligament and bones which is at the wrist base that accommodates the tendons and median nerve. Several factors can cause CTS, involving the anatomy of the wrist, particular health problems and overworking of the hand. Suitable treatment usually can ease the symptoms…show more content…
However, the new existing evidence states that due to biomechanical exposures at the workplace carpal tunnel syndrome is recognized to be an occupational disease.(3) The carpal tunnel syndrome has some standard symptoms, they include hand and forearm aching and dull discomfort, or paraesthesias of the upper arm and hand, weakness occur in the hand as well as clumsiness, skin changes in colour, swelling or dryness, with consideration that these symptoms exist in the distribution of the median nerve. Symptoms are aggravated by sleep and while sustained hand or arm positions and by repetitive movement of the hand or wrist, reduction of symptoms happens with altering hand posture or by wrist

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