The Biomedical Model: The Social Model Of Mental Health

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The biomedical model’s main point of focus is to diagnose and provide treatment. However, this model fails to be held accountable for the persons lifestyle but many people become disorientated or disorded because of the effects of social influence which for example people can influence someone elses thinking just because of the social group that someone is in (Gibbons, 2016). This model needs to become more developmental in the sense of medial conditions and psychological factors to find the remedies for mental health and illness. As stated in the essay before the social model of disability suggests that there is a form of stigma as there is emerging social labels and this creates the stigma for those who are suffering from an mental health…show more content…
The stigma around mental health can force a person to change the way that they behave and can enhance the way a person thinks about their condition and in some cases, can make them feel guilty for having it. The social model links in with disability the disability discrimination act and the equality and diversity act which work to tackle any forms of discrimination in the work place and in public. Ian Rory Owen says that social constructionism is defined as a perspective which believes that human life does exist as it does with social and interpersonal influences although social factors are working at the same time this is also linked in with cultural political evolution and situates the psychological process within social context social constructionism is part of the aspects of humanity which is created this is also believed to be linked in with labelling as mental health disorders can interfere with activities and the social model can be argued to decrease the discrimination and the stigma around labelling individuals…show more content…
This is slightly different to the social model because the model shows us the understanding of the social influenfces that can affect people who are suffering with a mental illness. When all these models are linked together it allows the professional to asses clients which can give accurate diagnosis information and gives the right treatment methods and access for service users to attend support groups to get the support and help they need to get

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