Marxism In Health And Social Care Analysis

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During this essay I shall be outlining functionalism, Marxism and feminism as Principal sociological perspectives, I shall then apply the application of these to health and social care situations and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses. Functionalism being a structuralism theory can be explained as being a theory that examines society as formed through interdependent elements, much like the representation offered by Comte and Durkheim that each individual aspect of society is assigned to an organ of the human body. As such, functionalists believe that should one aspect of society fail then there will be severe consequences for society as a whole, up to and including anarchy, this also allows society to continue and progress because they have…show more content…
Back when the theory of functionalism was introduced it was a social norm not to reproduce outside of marriage if you did you were considered as a deviant, where as in today’s society having children outside of wedlock is highly common and almost verging on a social norm itself, according to centres for disease control and prevention (CDC) the amount of births outside of marriage in 2015 hit 40.6% (department of health and human services, (2013) this is believed to be a weakness of this theory. Furthermore Functionalist still consider the nuclear family the be a social norm, however in today’s society it has become more of a social norm for family’s to be structured in diverse ways for example same sex families and single parent families, with the UK now embracing the right to a diverse family unit, this has enabled the health and social care system to support and provide for family’s that functionalists may consider to be deviant, such as providing IVF treatment to single woman or to a same sex couple, or giving the opportunity for adoption of a…show more content…
Thankfully in today society each individual is entitled to free NHS emergency health care and we have the National Minimum Wage Act 1998 this means “The National Minimum Wage is the minimum pay per hour almost all workers are entitled to by law. It doesn’t matter how small an employer is, they still have to pay the minimum wage.” (GOV.UK, 2015) This protects any exploitation amongst workers in the UK. This could be seen as a positive of the Marxism theory as this has brought awareness of exploitation within the work

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