Beethoven's Third Symphony Essay

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Music is able to reflect a composer’s emotion, personality and personal experiences. It reflects the outlook on the world and life and values. “Vibration sense, sound sense, is ancient, visceral, and inextricably linked to old and deep emotional centers in the brain, a fact that allows composers to access and dialogue with their audience at a deep level” (Douek, 2013). It refers to the typical emotion of music. The composer has to have the same or similar emotional experience with the presence and movement of things under certain circumstances and to creatively use new and unique way to express the emotional content of their music. Beethoven's Third Symphony (Hero) is an outstanding model (Bonds, 2009). It can be viewed as the development of symphonic music's…show more content…
They draw out these feelings from their well of experiences and influences from what moves audiences. As a matter of fact, the expressed emotion of music is beyond the scope of the individuals. It is an understood form of symbolic representation rather than a sign of performance of dominating the emotions. In other words, this emotion does not necessarily indicate the composer's personality or real personal experience, but can be brought about by community awareness, perception and imagination. The finale‘s depression and sadness in Tchaikovsky's Sixth Symphony (Sad Gun) is not his personal feelings about isolated performance but reflecting a lonely disappointed Russian intellectual’s heartfelt voice in the late nineteenth century. The value of this work lies in its vivid and strong expression of human emotions, as well as profound thoughts hidden in the rich emotional expression. The music is a symbolic form to composers as they can understand and express human emotional states through music. Moreover, not all composers write music in a same

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