Feminism And Gender Equality

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Since many amounts of years, women have leave no stone unturned to fight equality with men. Women are stereotyped and considered contrast to men, opportunities are taken away simply because they are ladies. According to the Oxford Dictionaries (n.d.), feminism is defined as the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. Since the nineteenth century abundance of women who fight for their rights, also called feminist, show the world reasons of why feminism should be fought. These women believe that feminism or gender equality is important that deserve to be fought for and how differentiation in virtue of sexes is not supposed to exist. It is stated by the United Nations Population Fund that gender equality is, first…show more content…
Apparently, it is already as if it is comes naturally, it is undeniable and difficult to be stopped. Nevertheless, people should start to be conscious about it. Stereotype is one of the things that barricade them on having their rights to be as equal as men. As cited from Business Insider Indonesia (Feloni, 2014), Firstly, women are being judged more on their looks rather than men. They, who do not care about their looks, are a little underestimated by the society. Secondly, women also considered as naturally weaker than men, which has the consequence of undermine their authority. Thirdly, women are still noticed as secondary to the husbands. Them, who have jobs, are considered as only complimentary and less important because the husbands’ jobs are assumed higher. Therefore, those psychological barriers should be removed in fact it is just as important as removing the structural barriers if women want them selves to be able to move forward as the men do (Cooper, n.d.). It should have been realized that stereotype in the negative way is unneeded and needs to be cut off. Frankly, without negative stereotyping the world could become even better to live…show more content…
Nevertheless, there are amounts of people who promote anti-feminism, either men or women. Feminism is not an ugly word. In fact it is no other than positive and privilege word. Feminist is the person who is aware and willing to get involve as well as defend feminism, either women or men. Feminists are not threats, bad people, or even hateful. Just because they fight for women does not mean that they hate men, isolating or bossy, yet it means that they believe in equality that needs to be fought for. The motive is to end gender inequality with the help of other people. Some parties said that feminist movement is irrelevant and women can only talk. However, nowadays feminism becomes even bigger. Starting from the world’s foundations such as United Nations, influential people, from politicians to celebrities took their actions to spread this honorable. These people show how positive and great this movement really is, not only women who participate but men as well. Both men and women should feel free to be strong and have their freedom (Watson, 2014). It turns out, the unintentional feminists are the ones who change the world until today without people realizing

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