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OFFICE OF THE OMBUDSMAN The term "Ombudsman" is an English translation of the Swedish word umbuds man, meaning representative. An Ombudsman is one who supports for justice, fair play and administrative effectiveness. The Ombudsman Office is an unofficial (informal) resource built on three important values: independence, impartiality and confidentiality. The Office of the Ombudsman offers a safe and relaxed environment to talk about complaints, concerns or problems in secret. When suitable, the office will begin an informal involvement with the goal of helping to reach a decision that is acceptable to all parties involved. The function of the Ombudsman The Ombudsman is an self-governing & an independent officer of Parliament with duty to…show more content…
What does the Ombudsman do in its Office? The Ombudsman’s office has four major functions. The office: • Collects, examines and resolves objections and complaints about the administrative rule making and practices of the public sector, universities and including the government. • Develops public administration for the advantage of all, through own motion investigations, education and plans with different agencies. • Evaluate certain child deaths, family and home violence victims. • Takes on a variety of other functions that fit within the wide category of integrity oversight. The Ombudsman always monitors an independent and neutral approach to the behavior of investigations as well as observing practical fairness of all the periods. Information achieved by the Ombudsman in an investigation is private. At the end of an investigation, the Ombudsman may make proper suggestions, including to: • see the matter to many other…show more content…
The (NIHR) has made many successful achievements in the side of (H.R) which has defined and prompted all the rights from civil and political to economic, social and cultural rights. Moreover, these bodies has been worked to pay attention for specific function in human rights and solve some difficult cases related to (H.R).Therefore, This organization has performed a supervising, advisory and advised function on different matters relating to human rights and related to regional and international organizations to encourage public awareness, training and to study on human

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