Soekarno's Concept Of Marhaenism

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Soekarno’s concept of Marhaenism Soekarno, the first president of Indonesia and has a respected position as the father of nation, promoted his concept of socialism called as Marhaenism. In his concept, Soekarno counter an argument that the proletarian only limited on blue-collar worker. On the contrary, Soekarno defined proletar as the whole people in the nation called Indonesia. (Supriadi, 2007). His argument is based on historical narrative of Indonesia. In Soekarno’s mindset, Indonesia is poor due to colonization of the Netherland kingdom. Under the Netherland’s colonization, the indigenous people of Indonesia were suffered from discrimination and apartheid. Shortly, there was no equal access to education or equal access for job opportunities.…show more content…
He visited schools in Korea and did not find any photos of Korean figures. Sung noticed that the way of socialism applied were dogmatic and follow strict models only from China and the fatherland, Soviet Union. Hence, he had a vision to make socialism for Koreans which he called as Juche. Juche in scholars perspective is a socialism that influenced by Confucianism. Nevertheless, there are dissenting opinions about the root of Juche. Korean philosopers like Chong Ta san is believed as the influential figure behind Juche. Sirhak, the Korean original spiritualism is among different Koreanism that influencing Juche (West, 2011). Juche is a socialism mix with nationalism. In comparison, Juche is Marhaenism for Korea. Eventually Juche is flourished after 1955. Yet Juche and Marhaenism are developed differently. Juche developed as not only political ideology but a religion in North-Korea. There are superstitious elements of Juche’s application. Later, Juche introduced an anti-thesis of socialism: monolithic and political dynasty. The leader of North Korea is the descendant of the previous leader. This situation has never been recognized in other socialist…show more content…
If the part of the body does not work properly, the amputation process is justified. Therefore, human rights abuses are not human rights abuses because the primary interest is to maintain the body (suryeong). People are no longer vital, only the country is. Why political dynasty is promoted in North-Korea? In a short way it is because of the faith that head can only be replaced by the head. In a simplistic way, this is a simplest argument to explain why North Korea has one and only socialist-royalist system in the

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