Enzyme Activity Lab Report

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Factors That Affect Enzyme Activity October 30, 2014 Carson Rea……………..Director Jack Felice……………...Materials Manager Luke Distefano………....Time Manager Joseph Stein…………….Data Manager Introduction: Purpose (Parts 1-5): To describe how enzymes work using molecular models. To experimentally test the enzyme catalase in liver cells with hydrogen peroxide and identify the type of reaction occurring. To determine which types of tissue respond and react with catalase. To discover how the change in temperature affects enzyme (catalase) activity. To observe the effects of pH on enzymes. Background: In this lab, liver, muscle tissue, apple, carrot, and potato were used to examine the reaction between hydrogen peroxide and the enzymes in…show more content…
The hypothesis was supported. For example, test tube A experienced an increase in temperature while oxygen gas created foam caused by the bubbles that escaped. After the hydrogen peroxide was tested with the liver, new hydrogen peroxide was added to test tube A with the reused liver. As a result, the enzyme was reusable since oxygen gas was released during a change in temperature. However, test tube B experienced no reaction when used hydrogen peroxide was added to an unused piece of liver. Therefore, there was no change in temperature which determined that the hydrogen peroxide was non reusable. After conducting an experiment to test catalase, the enzyme in liver, with hydrogen peroxide, the enzyme was reusable since the catalase didn’t undergo chemical changes during the reaction. However, if the enzyme denatured under unfavorable conditions, then the enzyme would be non reusable. Referring to the sources of error, different amounts of hydrogen peroxide could have been added to the test tubes. Likewise, different amounts of liver could have been added to the test tubes. In order to improve the experiment, experiments will reusing the liver and hydrogen peroxide could have been performed multiple times to produce more accurate data. To provide a basis for comparison, different concentrations of hydrogen peroxide could have been used to determine whether or not the concentration affected the enzyme. While performing the experiment, questions have transpired. Would different concentrations of hydrogen peroxide effect the enzyme? Would a larger sample of liver release more oxygen

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