Imperialism In Russia

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Nationalism= inseparable from the desire for power, abiding purpose of every nationalist is to secure more power and more prestige, not for himself but for the nation or other unit in which he has chosen to sink his own individuality. Should Russia continue to industrialize under capitalism? What does Russia stand to gain from industrialization? What does it stand to lose? Yes, Russia should continue to industrialize like most other European nations. Under a capitalist society, the competition created will lead to better products, and better service, making Russia a better country as a whole. Furthermore, with a 21% literacy rate, industrialisation may be the quickest way to catch up with the rest of Europe and perhaps eventually surpass them.…show more content…
What countries should it look to for a model? What countries should Russia ignore? Liberalism would be best for Russia because it would promote industrialisation and imperialism. Imperialism would boost the self esteem of the people in Russia. It shouldn’t look to any other countries because Russia is perfectly capable of making a government that works for themselves: no other country will be able to do it for…show more content…
Imperialism will provide Russia with foreign markets and give them access to more natural resources and slave labor. Imperialism will also help Russia socially because it will give them more prestige within the European countries. History has proven this time and time again. The 19th Century, largely characterized by imperialism, was marked by rapid progress of the European industrial nations. For example, Professor Kenneth Morgan of Brunel University said this of England’s imperialism: “In 1686 alone these [trade] colonies shipped goods worth over £1 million to London. Exports to the colonies consisted mainly of woollen textiles; imports included sugar, tobacco and other tropical groceries for which there was a growing consumer demand” (Morgan). Through imperialism, England was able to expand their economy further. The benefits for Russia would not end there: educating the best and brightest of their colonies, to create a caste of native administrators that could be trusted to be loyal to the Empire would also be an option. Similarly, imperialism would wipe out cultural and social institutions that were fatal to economic and political success, such as deep misgivings about trade and commerce,which would strengthen Russia politically and economically, two things Russia is in dire need

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