Allison In The Breakfast Club

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Allison, the “basket case” character in The Breakfast Club, is the typical crazy girl who doesn’t talk to anyone or do anything even remotely normal. Right from the beginning, she enters by scurrying to the back of the library tables and not talking or looking at anyone. This is the first example of deviance because most people would walk in and maybe even strike up conversation with another fellow peer. This is when the students first take note of her odd, deviant behavior. Later in the movie, she brings out her sandwich for lunch, and instead of eating the meat and bread, she takes off the meat, crunches up cereal, and pours pixie sticks all over it, before finally eating it. Meanwhile, all the other students are staring at…show more content…
Allison does whatever she wants and is completely driven by her inner control. Or maybe she has NO inner or outer control. I don’t know that she is following what her parents want her to do, though there is evidence that she has a conscience, as in when she tells the kids she would not ignore them back in school. At a different point in the movie, the students are showing one another what belongings they have on them. Brian is showing his fake ID, Claire is showing what her purse contains, and Allison is simply a bystander. However, she soon walks over to Andy and Brian and dumps her purse out in front of them to expose all of her belongings. In shock, Andy and Brian ask her why she carries so many things with her, to which she responds that she wants to run away. Andy accuses her of only wanting attention, and Allison gets flustered, proving Andy to be true. Differential association occurs in The Breakfast Club because Allison’s actions, words, and most likely thoughts violate the norms. For example, she steals everything she can get her hands on. Her social group is associated with that deviance, and
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