Joan Of Arc Failure

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Joan of Arc was a major contributor in France surviving the Hundred Year War. She not only lead them to victory after all of Northern France had fallen and rebels headed by dukes of Burgundy, who had sided with England during the invasion, controlled Eastern France, but also was prominent enough to even get an apology from the Catholic Church. Joan accomplished many things that men could only dream of doing. She achieved divine status and to this day even remains a patron saint of France. Joan was a woman of many talents and she was the reason that the French prevailed against the onslaught of the combined armies of the French and Burgundians. The Hundred-Year war originally started in 1337. England has almost achieved total dominion over all of Northern France by 1429. While the Burgundians held parts of Eastern France. France was…show more content…
There were also many contributing factors such as the English lost the alliance of the Burgundians in 1435 and the English King died and his son had a weak rule. All these factors led to the end of the Hundred Year War in 1437. Joan’s mother and Inquisitor-General Jean Brehal asked the Pope Callixtus iii for a retrial of Joan. The aim was to investigate and see if the trial had been conducted fairly and just. The investigation was launched in 1452. A formal appeal was followed in November, 1455. The testimonies from 115 witnesses were reviewed and the final summary was drawn up in 1456. The church was decided that she was wrongfully convicted. Joan was viewed as a martyr and was wrongfully prosecuted. July 7, 1456 she was reinstated into the Church. Something that the Church rarely does something like this, The Church took until the 20th century to apologize for the treatment of Galileo. Joan saved France and prevented their subjugation to the English, and she showed that a peasant can become a noble. After her death the name Joan of Arc became divine

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