Who Is Responsible For Beowulf's Downfall

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The first epic poem to ever be recorded was Beowulf and has since then become a major classic. Beowulf is considered by many historians to have been recorded around the 8th century because of its ancient language. Even though Beowulf’s vain attitude is what causes his demise at the end, he expresses the appropriate traits a true king would possess in the manner that he is valiant, perceptive and foresightful. Beowulf refuses to cower in fear when he is tasked with perilous assignments that could very well end his life. He shows no fear while executing Grendel and even states that he will fight unarmed to make the battle honorable. By refusing to use a weapon in a battle against a treacherous monster, Beowulf displays confidence in his ability to slay Grendel. Even after he defeats Grendel, Beowulf is indirectly challenged by Grendel’s mother to battle and seeks her out to destroy her without a second thought. Without second guessing himself, Beowulf demonstrates his courage by answering Grendel’s mother's challenge and showing his warriors how he is brave. A proper king needs to show courage in the face of danger in order to lead his people to safety.…show more content…
Through his wisdom, Beowulf allows Grendel to kill one of his men in order to understand and prepare for Grendel’s strategies in a fight. He also shows that by not stopping Grendel from slaughtering his fellow warrior, he knows that sometimes sacrifice is needed in order to kill Grendel without mistakes. After Beowulf exterminates Grendel’s mother, he looks for Grendel in order to cut off his head to truly kill him. This reinforces the fact that he is wise because he makes sure the job is done right and has proof that he defeat Grendel once and for all. Wisdom is a trait all king’s need to have in order to have a prosperous and wonderful

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