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Communities and civilization have developed and flourished around water, as water is the most important necessity for economic and societal development. Urbanization, population and industrialization have depleted the clean drinking water sources. Their chemical and biological contaminations no more render them potable. Water borne diseases are one of the main reasons for premature mortalities in the world, especially among the economically weaker sections.[1] Children are vulnerable to attacks by the bacteria and viruses, the main reason being contaminated water sources. Infant mortality due to diarrhea in the economically poorer sections exceed all other causes of mortality .[2,3] The challenge is to develop scientific yet economically feasible materials for water purification which would be affordable to all the sections of the society. Clean drinking water has got much attention and continuous research is being carried out all around the world. [4,5] Chlorine disinfection has been extensively studied and used. Chlorine combines with organic contaminants in the water to produce trihalomethanes (THMs), or chloramines, which are carcinogenic The more organic matter in the water, the greater is the accumulation of THMs. To…show more content…
E. Coli was grown in nutrient broth (0.3%beef extract and 0.5%peptone) to an early stationary phase (i.e. 18 h) at 37°C.[5] Anti bacterial activity of the nano-carbon materials prepared were tested by immersing 1mg each of PWACT, TWACT, PWAGNP and TWAGNP in 1000 ml of water spiked with E.coli. The same was taken in a 2000 ml sterile, transparent glass vessel with screw cap and stirred for 30 min (200RPM) in a batch mode at ambient conditions. After 30min, the catalyst was filtered off and the water was tested for the presence of bacteria quantitatively. The culture was harvested by centrifugation at 10000 RPM for 10 min to obtain 1X103 CFU of

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