Environmental Motivation

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Our environment is essential because it shapes and influences our lives and we rely in large part on the environment for our survival. Environmental technological know-how is applicable and vital in the modern world as it addresses the demanding situations going through the modern-day and upcoming generations. These environmental problems include water shortage, land and aquatic pollution, destruction of ecosystems to global warming. This alarming situation affects all countries and is interconnected to the well-being of humanity and all species alike on this planet. Throughout human history people had been observing, manipulating and interacting with all its systems. These interactions helped human beings to generate interconnected and confirmed…show more content…
During my higher secondary school studies I became enormously interested in conservation biology, its principles and related techniques that permit the assessment of capability dangers and the ways to prevent them. As I Grow up in Pakistan my mother stimulated in me appreciate for nature; she told me that we need to attend to the earth because it fulfills all our basic desires. Since my childhood I had an enthusiasm for nature and keenly observing it and collaborating in it because I observed that we are not isolated from nature It constitute an essential supplement to natural science technologies perspective to endurability by considering the cultural aspect of intake and use of resources. After watching Environmental Sciences PhD application, I became familiarize with its interdisciplinary technique and became immediately interested in this system. I am enormously interested to study in Turkish university and specifically on global climatic change and bio-geochemical…show more content…
I was mainly inspired that, regardless of the advances in technology, there are many things to find out about Biology. At the Govt. College University I earned a Minor and higher stage Biology courses. I took environmental studies through which I came to know about the modern-day and beyond environmental issues and how the conservation of environment dependent on the actions and conduct of people; this direction complimented “Animal Mechanics and Locomotion” at UBC the subsequent 12 months. My background in Biology has allowed me to create my undergraduate diploma with an interdisciplinary approach. Specifically, publications gave me a better understanding that how human behavior, rules and technology play a key role in resource consumption and its distribution throughout the

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