Herzberg's Theory Of Organisation And Behaviour

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In our daily lives, we as human beings have an unlimited desire to get something. Same as every employee must want something that can boost their morale to do the job better and achieve organizational goals. So, there are a few types of motivation theories that concern about the employee need and wants. The theories are really important to the organisation as it can fulfil the employee need. Therefore, each company has motivation theories on their company to achieve business goals. From the Business Essentials (Organisations and Behaviour) books Herzberg’s theory can define as Herzberg's theory explains the satisfaction or employee requirements often vary according to two main factors emphasized by the environmental and Herzberg's motivator…show more content…
Environmental factors include the company policy is, the salary of the employee, working condition and security. If the people want to find a job they will take into consideration the environmental factors because these factors may be of benefit to the individual. The main factor is the working condition should be taken seriously because the work environment amidst lovely people who are not able to influence the individual's work performance. For example, Judy is a manager that is not satisfied with his salary, his position in the company, working condition and hours. So, Mr Ahmad Izham plays an important role for Judy’s dissatisfaction by taking an action to cover the problem. So, that Judy can motivate him to do best on his…show more content…
The safety need is when the employee fulfil the psychological needs which choose the best work which are suitable for the employee itself. The employee should consider on the benefits that the company gave to you. The benefit when employees work should consider the extra things that the company provided from present and the future. It is because this thing is an attraction for the company to get a fresh graduate from the university. For example, Media Prima the CEO, Mr Ahmad Izham provided a lot of benefit to the employee who work at the Media Prima where the employee has the right to speak if they dissatisfied with the leader choose. This will make the employee feel appreciated and has the right also in the company for making a decision. The decision that are made by the both organisation will make the both side will satisfied with the decision. Thirdly, the social needs. Every employee needs the social lifestyle in working condition, so that they can make the company more harmony and more professional. This need the employee should make a good relationship with others employee. So, the social need can be achieved if the employee are cooperating and can collaborate with each other. If all the members can cooperate well the employee will get the group members which can help and give an idea to their friends to achieve the company goals. The employee collaborate also is the key success of the famous company can maintain until

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