A Short Story: Lucrezia De Medici's Love

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Moonlight shimmered off of Lucrezia de’ Medici’s ornately patterned purple dress as she stepped onto the pebbled ground. Taking the hand of her awaiting husband, the Duke of Ferrara, Alfonso II d’Este. “You look fabulous tonight my dear,” Alfonso whispered to her as they embraced. “As do you my love” she whispered back to him, smiling. Hands interlocked, they made their way towards the decoratively carved oak door that would take to them to the castles main hall where the Dukes birthday celebrations would take place. “My love, it pains me to do so but I must leave you for the meantime, go and enjoy your night” The Dukes wife suddenly announced to him, puzzled he gave a curt nod and moved on without her. Strange, she never leaves my side without…show more content…
A set of thick double doors stood ahead of him. He hesitated. Where is that damnable wife of mine, she can hardly expect me to appear by myself. Anger bubbled inside of him as his wife made no appearances, “Impudent woman” he muttered as he started towards the doorway. The clicking of his wife’s heels on the tiled ground startled him as she snuck up behind him, he paused. His form shifted to face her. “And where was it you have been, wife?” He demanded of her, not attempting masquerade his previous anger. “I had some last-minute party business to attend to” She replied quietly, her form cringing, awaiting punishment for her apparent mistake. “With whom was this party business with?” He pressed, determined not to punish near such a large amount of people, of whom any could enter the hallway. “One of the servants” She answered, then continued, “My love, whatever is the matter. Remember the last time you were worried about something like this, how I was simply having lunch with my mother, who had travelled all the way from Florence to see me.” She reminded him, regaining some of her confidence, sensing that he would not strike her. All too well, he thought, remembering when he had barged into their peaceful lunch. Frustrated at this, he simply gave her a nod and gestured towards the

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