Motivation In Counseling

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Objective The objective is allowing us to have more in-depth understanding about the topic “Foundation: Emotion, Motivation, and the Nature of Well-Being” during interview session. We asked the questions that related to expert knowledge and viewpoint. Through this topic, we need to explore how the counselor used techniques or skills involving practices positive psychology and what the necessary techniques when dealing with clients. During the counseling session, we need to determine how a counselor keeps motivated throughout the career path, dealing challenges and handling with difficult client and personal experiences. Besides, the interview session allows us to know how the counselor keeps positive emotion and cope with negative emotion…show more content…
Competence refers to the individual’s need for expertise of skills in order to control and cope with the external environment. For example, the patient used coping skills to deal with real world. Relatedness refers to individual’s need for maintaining a sense of belonging with other people and supportive relationship. For example, Mrs. Gee explained to her family why she chosen to work at mental health center even though her family did not support her work. Autonomy refers to individual’s need for making self-decision in life. For example, Mrs. Gee decided to engage in mental health service without parent’s permission. SDT involved three basic psychological needs that must be met to achieve an individual's growth and well-being. Besides, three needs emerged will show high level of adaptive functioning and help to promote optimal functioning. This theory able to help flourishing people and maintain personal well-being, establish positive interpersonal relationship and have a good healthy autonomy (Deci and Ryan, 1985). The researchers also introduced cognitive evaluative theory serve as a subset used to explain self-determination theory. This theory explores influence of social and environment factors on autonomous motivation. It argued that social activity or event that satisfied people’s need such as autonomy, relatedness and competence in order to enhance…show more content…
Seligman (2002) explained authentic happiness as a simple model that focus on three dimensions to achieve happiness consisted a happy life, a life full of engagement and a meaningful life. Positive emotion can lead to a happy life. These involve natural happiness such as playing around with friends and enjoy reading book lead to pleasure of fun and enjoyment. A life of engagement which is people feels happier when taking part in a life full of vitality. People are uniqueness that reflected positive characters in order to build mental and physical strengths. Authentic happiness allows people to use their good qualities in variety areas such as at workplace, family environment and dealing with friends. This encourages people to use their strength and value to promote greater happiness and satisfactions. Engagement is one of the factors that can significantly affect how happy a person on a basis of social support. People live in a meaningful life to cultivate strengths for concerning in life satisfaction. Individual believe that live in a sense of gratification is importance in life and make sense in their

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