Reflection On Curiosity

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Curiosity In ninth grade, I finally was introduced to Toastmasters. A club was set up in our school where the most prodigious in public speaking were invited to join. I asked a friend of mine who was invited, and he mentioned, “Only the best students have been requested to participate, I don't know if you will be a part of it.” The comment he made may seem shocking, but it could not deter me and multiplied my curiosity. After a quick conversation with the teacher who organized the club(which was an interview), I was accepted to join. The remark that was made by my colleague was the reason that I changed my perception on how I desired knowledge. Being in an environment like the one at Toastmasters made me strive to be in a place where unique and ambitious students surround me. As the terms progressed there was a frequently asked question which was, “What…show more content…
I reached conclusions that would astonish the professor. We have researched in multiple fields in psychology and our records by the department of psychology at Harvard. We were able to research the developmental, memory, and social parts of psychology. Having solid proof of our accomplishments would later influence other experimenters and students in our course. I could have done more research, but time was an issue. Additionally, I observed that I spend much of my hours on trivial matters. Even when I studied for lectures at Harvard, I could not combine my academic and social lives. When any deadline or exam approached, I become energized and start working. I knew that time management was a flaw I possessed and recovering was slightly futile as I did not have adequate experience. However, as a student who would view past mistakes as chances to improve oneself, I have arranged myself and plan to commit in the next few months and observe the
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