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Demographic profile of the slum population of Western Suburbs in Mumbai Slum areas outline high rates of destitution, lack of education and pathetic wellbeing status. Slum tenants have low procurement. Urban territories don't give them appropriate employment. They don't have any formal training centres. Residents of slums areoccupied with casual work through which they can't acquire much income. They work in anenvironment which is destructive to them. This reality drives them to work in casual parts. (Alamgir, Jabbar et al. 2009). Reducing financial conditions lead them to weak life. Living standards of occupants of slums are bad. The fact is that the living standards of slum inhabitants are more terrible than of country tenants. They are more helpless against…show more content…
2006). Neediness is a typical normal for slum residents. The vast majority of the slum tenants in developing nations are living beneath theneediness line. They don't have great sources of income (Ompad, Galea et al. 2007). A large portion of them have been joined with casual segment through which they can't nourish their families appropriately. Unemployment rates are high in urban slums (Ali 2010). The houses are generally deficiently ventilated in urban slums. Indoor nature of air is awful which have the potential to cause respiratory diseases. A sufficient supply of drinking water is anessential human need. Lamentably, the majority of the family units in slums don't have access to safe water. In a few areas open water supply is accessible however nature of water is not all that great. Sanitation framework is exceptionally poor in slums (Panda 1993). In some slums conditions are better however these are not very many. Slums for the most part don't have any waste disposalmethods. The roads are thin and unpaved; slum occupants need to face water stagnation in rainy season. This makes nature of that region exceptionally unhygienic. Such

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