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Statement of Intent After spending seven years in the mechanical engineering industry, I felt the need to embark upon a graduate program that opens doors to the environmental engineering area. I developed interest in environmental engineering due to my mechanical engineering background and work experience in Automotive and Aircraft engine exhaust systems design. My short term goal is hence to make an entry into the environmental engineering domain by leveraging my background and also by acquiring a degree from a reputed institution. I started my career as an Automobile Design Engineer in the area of Engine exhaust systems in 2008 at Renault Nissan Technology Centre, one of world’s leading automobile joint venture Companies serving several nations with hybrid cars to reduce emission. My first project at Renault Nissan was to design passenger car exhaust systems. The global economic recession at that time gave me the opportunity to experience working under challenging conditions. During these times, my learning curve in exhaust system saw an exponential growth. In three years, I managed to design the entire exhaust system module of the passenger vehicle and also fully equipped to understand the process of reducing hot gas emissions (catalytic converter design) and noise reduction…show more content…
Environmental Engineering excites me because of my background in the Automobile and Aviation Industries and in order to establish myself as a successful Environmental engineering professional, I require a strong foundation in environmental engineering and pollution/waste management concepts. This academic knowledge would also help me to take assertive and accurate technical decisions in the future. A MEng in Environmental engineering will definitely help me in pursuing strategic roles & in achieving my long-term goal to head an environmental engineering division in a major consulting

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