Entrepreneurship: A Journey From Rags To Riches Short Story

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Entrepreneurship: A Journey from Rags to Riches When I was reading several literatures to develop this research paper, although, I was impressed from the story of male Indian entrepreneur (Late Dhirubhai Ambani), which made me emotionally snooping to know about how he had been a winning entrepreneur. In the very beginning time as narrated in the story, he started his business from a tin of groundnut. In the beginning, he purchased some amounts on credit from one of local wholesaler, and he sold in retail on the roadside. Then, he got a few amount as profit that encouraged him to be actively involved in business activities. Then, he started selling bhajia (made of potato) intermittently in village fairs. He, at the age of 17 years old, went to Aden (now Yemen) for incisive better opportunity and there, he got a job of dispatch clerk. After some years, he was promoted as a manager of oil-felling station when company was established as distributor. That experience had been a catalyst for him to get a success in a dream of owning a refinery. Later some years back, he came back to his home country, then, he…show more content…
From this argument concerning entrepreneurship types, it it is apparent that an essence of entrepreneurship is for economic achievements. Emphasizing more on third issues, Heck, Béné, and Reyes‐Gaskin (2007) have words that development aid can be invested to enhance the livelihood of poor and marginalized people through improving entrepreneurial capability of beneficiaries. This conviction also shows an entrepreneurship is for boosting earnings capacity of a person, which could help to move about from poor to rich. Therefore, I put myself forward that an entrepreneurship is for how to move from poverty to prosperity or a journey from rags to

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