Wakanda Film Analysis

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The overall quality of the film was matching in expectations, which were substantial. These personal expectations were based on the exceptional and unique cast, and the particular time in which this film was first introduced, given that there’s still much to be said and done in the name of black culture that not only looks back into the obscure past and present of slavery and racism, but also empowers black culture in its own right. On one hand, the writing flowed from scene to scene, taking the characters to the very present culture in the form of expressions, memes, humor and high notions of futuristic technology. Although the writing delivered clear cut characters and a relatively smooth and round storyline, on the other hand, there were…show more content…
From the costume design, to the direction of photography, the production design in the hands of Hannah Beachler delivers a cohesive, broad and colorful world full of creative perspectives of what Wakanda looks like, what superheroes, men and women look like, what the world outside Wakanda’s reclusion looks like in contrast, and everything in between. Having to imagine an untouched world of native culture mixed in with sci-fi vibranium and the technology advancements with it sounds like a more than challenging task, however I believe the production designer came up with an outstanding perspective, mixing the traditional with the fictional, the original with the interpreted. Only to analyze a few aspects since production design is virtually all that makes it to the screen: The costumes for the warriors and the royalty of Wakanda seem to far from Western culture aesthetics, which is cohesive with the story and is relevant to what it intends to communicate, which travels through the paths of being proud of the original identity and aesthetics of African culture. The palette chosen for each scenario is also original as it goes from a saturation of vibrant oranges, reds and purples in Wakanda, to the almost dullness of the Western World. The women of Wakanda wear and communicate strength and protection, as opposed to the stereotypical body enhancing costumes for virtually any female character in…show more content…
The scene in the underground casino depicts a scene where characters go undercover, but the situation goes out of hand as soon as they lose their cover, and hell breaks loose. It is as if this movie intends to claim a spot in the eye of the spy collection of heroes that were so far represented by Caucasian

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