Advantages Of Green Audit

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Introduction In today’s environment when there is an awareness spreading for energy conservation, water conservation, Librarians need to undertake active part in the sustainability of the environment by carrying green audit in their libraries. Green audit helps the librarian to get an idea about the energy consumption in the library. Green audit is connected to sustainable development process. It is an effective way to solve the environmental problems. Green Audit Green Audit is the process of assessing the environmental impact of an organization, process, project, product, etc. Green means eco-friendly environment. GREEN can be described as ‘Global Readiness in Ensuring Ecological Neutrality’. The green audit includes renewable energy usage,…show more content…
 Are there any policies formulated regarding environment conservation?  Any sustainable practices followed by the library?  Are the publishers use environment friendly processed papers while printing books?  Whether the library automated or not?  What are the measures followed by the library to reduce electricity usage?  Whether any waste recycling policies followed by the library? Advantages of Green Audit  It helps to protect the environment and solve environmental problems  It enables to find our methods for waste management  It suggests measures for future complications  It is useful to evaluate environmental standards  It helps in the sustainable development of the organization Conclusion For a healthy future, saving money and befitting the environment green audit is important. While renovating an existing library building as per the guidelines prescribed by Environmental Standards. A simple step towards green libraries could create a healthy future. Implementation of rainwater harvesting system and solar panels on the terrace can also helps to convert your existing building into a green building.

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