Essay On Water Conservation In Sri Lanka

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Deficiencies of the Current System Sri Lanka has a large number of small, medium and large tanks which have primarily served irrigation needs throughout the country. Customary rights and rules for allocation of water from these tanks have served well over decades or even centuries. However, as population and development now increase, the demand for water from these tanks for other purposes such as municipal, domestic, fisheries, and industry also increase. National agencies such as the irrigation department and agrarian services department are being requested to provide water to, or approve water use by, users for which they have no formal responsibility. Where multi-sectorial competition agency which is technically capable and independent…show more content…
Incentives will be provided for applying water saving technology. Both public and private water users will be encouraged to adopt appropriate water saving technology and recycling and reuse of the waste water where ever appropriate. Government will promote such technology through technical advice, incentives and regulations. Incentives may include such things as subsides, tax and import tariff concessions on water saving equipment. Education and Awareness Awareness of the value of water, adverse effect of extraction from vulnerable aquifers and opportunities for water conservation will be promoted through public education and awareness activities. General public awareness of the value of the resource and of methods for water conservation will be enhanced in co-operation with educational and water service agencies. Specific information will be targeted to water users such as irrigation farmers, industries and other regarding water conservation practices. Water resource managers will be trained to improve water use efficiency through their own actions and in co-operation with water users. For example, the efficiency of water use in irrigation systems can be significantly improved through concerted action on the part of officials and through training and close co-operation with irrigation farmers. Technical assistance on water saving methods will be given to water users on

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