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Athena the Goddess Athena was a tough Greek goddess who was so intelligent she made the she most clever gods look stupid. She was intelligent and humble. She was able to survive in the world without any help of anyone. She was able to come up with clever tactics and strategies to win battles. In the Odyssey, Athena takes a particular liking for Odysseus, and she makes sure to help him when needed. Odysseus often comes to her for help and advice as well. When Penelope, Odysseus’ wife, cries herself to sleep, Athena always shows up in her dreams and comforts her (Astma 1). Although she keeps Penelope in the dark a lot about what is going on Odysseus, Penelope still trusts her and thinks highly of her. Athena impacted the Greek world greatly and succeeded in everything she put her mind to. Despite not having hardly any womanly figures in her life, she still thought of men and women somewhat equal. She was able to do both things certain genders do. She was the first to teach the science of numbers, weaving, and cooking (“Athena: Greek 2). More of her inventions are the flute, the rake, the ship as well as many others (“Athena:Greek 2). Despite her mother not being present in her life, she was still a strong female.…show more content…
She went into war with good tactics and winning strategies (Athena Greek Goddess of War 1).When Odysseus joined the Trojan War, she stood somewhat back, but still helped him as much as she could. She fought in many battles including the battle of Penthesilea and Eurypylos. Unlike her brother, Ares, she had little desire for blood shed in war (Athena Greek Goddess of War 1). She was more into peaceful revolutions than full on battles with death and gore. When in the battlefield, she almost always defeated her enemies with her clever tactics (Athena Greek Goddess of War 2). Athena defeated her own brother twice and even beat the Giants in

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