Nuns Priest Tale Vs. The Pardoner's Tale

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The “Nun's Priest Tale” and the “Pardoners Tale” are both intriguing and thought provoking stories. As we compare each tale side by side, we will soon discover similarites between the two, and a few differences as well. "Nun's Priest Tale" revolves around animalistic characters, while the "Pardoner's Tale" focuses on the trait of greed. The story "Nun's Priest Tale" is narrated from Chanticleer's point of view, which is why we have to be careful and consider the point of view of the other characters and not become biased. One night, Chanticleer dreamz of a fox violently pursuing him with the notion to kill him, which it succeeds in doing. After he awakes terrified, his wife, Lady Pertelote, spends a while attempting to comfort her distressed husband, and telling him that it was just a silly dream that he should pay no attention to a dream that is meaningless like most dreams. The moral…show more content…
However, this story, does not give the reader the same fearful and intense sense of doom that "The Pardoner's Tale" may inflint on its reader. The Pardoner begins to tells a story of greed to three men who are in obvious drunken stupors. They all decide, after the passing of a friend, to pursue Death; they are fired up, disrespectful of an old man, and decide upon discovering a hoard of gold, to murder one and steal his portion. The third man decides to murder his two fellow companions and to steal their portions. In the end, all three die as a consequence of their ever-growing greed. This tale is probably more impactfuland also relatable, because it directly relates to greed, which the

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