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Celina Rodriguez Richard G Levesque English 102 10 October 2014 A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings Is it possible for punishment and sympathy to be both present in a situation? In the story “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, it is. I found the story’s theme to be stating that compassion and harassment or cruelty can all be intertwined. The mother, Elisenda, decides she’s going to set the angel, who came to take her son, on a raft in the deep seas for three days rather than just killing him. She thinks this is a better idea because he still has the possibility of living. When she goes to do this she notices that everyone is fascinated by the angel man and realizes that she can be making a profit off of him so she…show more content…
Even though this town that they are living in sounds like a horrible place to be living because there are always storms and everything is described horribly, its not all that bad. The way he uses the word light is a symbol for appreciating what you have. I think the author talks about the sands this way because he is showing us that you have to find the good in all the bad you are surrounded with. The storms might ruin everything in the town and make it seem ugly and uninviting but when you look at the sands you are over taken with beauty. He’s trying to show that we need to appreciate the little things in life. The angel may be in a terrible place but he still appreciates everything he has in this chicken coop. He is looking at the good in the situation and not just the bad, which is the abuse and sadness that comes with staying with the family and being locked up in the…show more content…
To me she represents lost hope and faith. Before the spider woman was discovered everyone went to the angel man to help fix his or her problems. But everyone soon realized that he cannot be solving everyone’s problems and they lost hope in him. They turned to the spider woman and started putting their faith into her. Even though the angel is someone who is sent from heaven they stopped having faith in him because he couldn’t do all they were asking of him. Instead of keeping the faith in him because he was an angel and sent from heaven they lost it and put it in to something else. This is trying to tell us that just because something isn’t what we expected it to be we shouldn’t lost our faith in it. The people in the community were cruel to the angel man because he couldn’t do what they wanted him to do, so they moved on and felt compassion for the spider woman because of the story behind the reason as to why she was a

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