European Influence On Native Americans

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How were the Native Americans affected by the Europeans The Native Americans and Europeans had a huge effect on each other. They both improved each others lives. They also both made eachothers lives slightly harder. The Europeans first colonized the americas in the 1600’s. The European exploration and colonization had a huge impact on the Native american people. The impact that the Europeans had on the native americans were positive and negative. One of the most negative impacts on the negative americans was new disease brought over by the europeans. The europeans spread smallpox, diphtheria, measles, mumps, and typus. Between 100,000-500,000 native americans have died since 1776. Almost immediately,Native Americans and Europeans exchanged…show more content…
The impact on the Europeans was larger because they had absolutely no knowledge of the food in the area because it was completely new to them. While the Native Americans knew almost everything about the area. They also knew about food and how to obtain it. The Native Americans shared all of that knowledge with the European settlers. But over time, the diets of both the Native Americans and Europeans diets widened with more choices of food(Garel). The next major impact on the native americans was European weapons. The Europeans introduced the rifle to the Native Americans. Before the rifle the Native Americans used bow and arrows, also spears. They hunted food and went to battle with the bows, arrows, and spears. Now they could go to war and hunt for food with this more modern European weapon. The Native Americans also tried to trade for rifles whenever they could. The Native American homes were Wampanoag wetu and were made of natural materials in the environment. The European homes were relatively large and were designed like those in Europe. Over time European homes resembled the homes in Europe. Native
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