Enormous Wings

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In “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings”, author Gabriel Garcia Marquez interlaces ordinary life with magical occurrences in a surprising yet stimulating way that leaves readers to contemplate how they would respond if confronted with the supernatural. The story invites readers to more closely examine the events in their lives and analyze how they respond to the normal facets of everyday life and also the unusual happenings that have the potential to change their lives if they possess the correct mindset. From rainy days to selfish crowds, to an angel that grows in strength and finally flies away, Marquez manages to blend the most mundane aspects of life with the miraculous. He effectively uses a creative tone, irony, and his unique style to…show more content…
In the beginning, it starts off as sad, with the unfortunate circumstance of a sick child in the middle of poor weather. In detail, Marquez describes the rather ordinary condition of dreary weather, but then goes on, in the first paragraph, to incorporate magical elements by introducing the surreal character of an old man with enormous wings. By placing him face down in the mud and unable to get back up, “impeded by his enormous wings” (Marquez 51), he immediately shatters any mental images the reader has of powerful and holy angels. In parts of the story, the author’s tone seems to convey a sense of regret that humans often fail to appreciate the “magical” aspects of everyday life, because instead of valuing experiences and living fully in the moment, people are constantly searching for how they can benefit from a specific situation. When the husband and wife, Pelayo and Elisenda, decide to exploit the angel by having the onlookers pay to see him, this sense of selfishness and greed is apparent. Here, again, the reader is given the opportunity to explore with his or her imagination what he or she would do when faced with a similar situation. Of course, in reality, no angel is going to fall from the skies into the yard on a sad and stormy day, but in the daily run of things, the reader can examine how he or she is utilizing the opportunities presented to him or her. Gabriel Garcia Marquez provokes readers to ask themselves questions such as these not through a sermon, but in the form of a

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