Little Red Wagon: Movie Analysis

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Little Red Wagon I chose the movie Little Red Wagon to reflect on because it is based on a true story that is very inspirational. I like the message that the movie conveys. It implies that anyone can make a change if they are determined. One small gesture can turn into something huge and life changing. It encourages to dream big even if the odds are high, and to never give up. A seven year old boy named Zach Bonner made a big difference in the world. He started a nonprofit organization to help the homeless. His interest sparked when he saw the news report of the devastation created by Hurricane Charley. Zach felt sympathy towards the victims. He told his mom that he wanted to help the people by collecting food and water from his neighbors. Little did his mom know that his actions would be known…show more content…
Sometimes when I complain about not liking a meal, the thought of those who are starving comes to mind. When I complain about my parents making me do yard work, I realize that others do way more. That people do it for a living. I only do it occasionally not every single day. I have it easy. My bad days don't compare to others. I don't like to think about the suffering that others face, but I should be aware. It makes me be more grateful. Zach motivates me to help others. My actions are not as grand as his, but at least it's something. I donate clothes almost every other month. I have donated school supplies to kids in Mexico. I have donated money to organizations. Every penny counts. When I see genuine homeless people I give them my pocket change. Why keep it? It's probably going to get lost anyway. It's the little things that can make a big difference. My offerings won't help hundreds of people, but it will help someone. When more people do the same, it all adds up and can help more

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