Enormous Wings Symbolism

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The Hypocrites Within All People Gabriel Garcia Marquezs’ Brilliance Use of Figurative Imagery Throughout time the world has always evolved, revolutions and renaissances were consistent and during all these eras, including today there are always hypocrites. Those who portray themselves as strong activist for a specific religion or organization but fail to practice those morals are the hypocrites. The Very Old Man With Enormous Wings: A Tale for Children by Gabriel Garcia Marquez establishes the cynicism of humanity and exaggerates the religious cultures behavior using theme, symbolism, and imagery. Judgment is a common theme that occurs throughout the story. While this town performs their daily routines an angel interrupts and is abnormal…show more content…
In the title The Very Old Man With Enormous Wings: tales for Children, Children represent everyone in the world. From a religious perspective everyone is a child of God, and in the title, everyone as children need to learn from this story to become better people. Coming from a religious prospect people believe that Jesus, the son of God, will resurrect. A question that people ask is “what would he look like if he came back? “ The angel himself could have been Jesus. Although he was not beautiful or keen to the eye he had aspects that could have made people suspect he was Jesus. Such as the anointing of the sick, and bringing wealth and fortune but most importantly the will to not fight back. In Catholicism, Jesus was crucified and tortured. This angel could easily have been another story for Jesus. Even in the beginning of time there were people who did not believe in him or they were hesitant to the possibility that he really was the Son of God. This story symbolizes that even in present day people will alienate the idea that it could be something holy, or even of good nature from heaven. Shockingly, the priest, one whose job is to spread the word of Jesus does not even try as hard as he should to protect this fallen angel. Even when he presumes that it is not really an angel, as a priest he should be kind and open minded of all Gods creatures. Instead he only promised to write to his bishop, which would eventually

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