Electrolysis Process

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The process of electrolysis is performed through passing an electric current in a substance to produce a chemical change. During this chemical change, the substance either gains or losses an electron which is chemically known as oxidation or reduction. Oxidation is when the negatively charged ions move towards the positive electrode losing electrons. Reduction is the process in which positively charged ions move towards the negative electrode receiving electrons from the positive electrode. The whole process happens in an electrolytic cell which is an apparatus containing negative and positive electrodes separated from each other and put into a solution composed of negatively and positively charged ions. Electrodes are formed by the substance…show more content…
There are many ways to get rid of this problem, by either waxing, shaving, going to laser treatments or using electrolysis. The method of electrolysis as an effective hair removal technology is the ideal solution that relieves all women from their worries about unwanted and undesired growing hairs in different parts of the body that causes great discomfort and a creates a sense of personal disgust and embarrassment especially in social gatherings. Based on the facts above the method of hair removal using electrolysis proves to be the best solution in which women choose as an effective, highly trustworthy, comfortable, and with minimum to no side effects. The method of electrolysis is performed by eliminating individual hairs from the unwanted areas of the body such as the face, legs, underarms and many others. The device destroys the base area of the hair with chemical or heat energy, a very thin and tiny needle like tool (probe) is entered into the hair follicle and afterwards the hair is removed using tweezers. The method of hair removal using electrolysis has no permanent side effects, but often a temporary minimal reddening occurs on the skin that has been treated. There are various reasons that influence hair growth, so there will be several electrolysis hair treatments visits. The number of sessions needed to completely eradicate the unwanted hair…show more content…
Performing electrolysis can cost ten doubles of what a normal traditional hair removal method such as waxing, shaving, or even shaving. As a result, electrolysis hair removal technology is only selected by wealthy people who can afford using it. Moreover, in some cases, it sounds to be the only option for some people who suffer from severe amount of hair in some areas in their body or even r=those who have skin problems that requires them to permanently get rid of the hair in those sick areas. In such cases, the economic factor appears as an great obstacle to the patients. In fact, it is followed and regulated in some countries that have strong medical insurance programs that the force insurance companies to fund such electrolysis hair removal method when recommended by specialist physicians and even after attaching their recommendation with a full medical report about the case that needs such treatment. As a result, things go well with people who cannot appear rich enough to afford electrolysis hair removal technology. It is also highly recommended that the WHO (World Health Organization) is to launch programs that raise people awareness about electrolysis in order to be performed properly in the whole world. Calls also could be done by the WHO for donations or even fund raising

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