Importance Of Positioning In Advertising

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1a) What is the positioning of the products shown in the advertisement? Are the product positioning for products shown in the two advertisements similar or different? Why do you think marketers have made them similar or different? You will need to discuss by applying the relevant positioning bases. (6 marks) Positioning is the act of emplacing the brand into target market’s minds and influences target market’s perceptions towards the brand (Fuchs and Diamantopoulos 2010, 1765). Hublot has applied the positioning bases of price and quality as well as product user in positioning their Big Bang Broderie. Big Bang Broderie is a unique watch collection released by Hublot, in which 18k gold case set is coated with 1.3 carats of 209 diamonds. Besides,…show more content…
Casio had positioned Pro Trek PRW-3500 based on its best feature in the market compared to competitors. For such that, this watch is infused with a triple engine sensor, which is the altimeter, barometer/thermometer and digital compass, and this made the watch outstanding from the normal watches with a sole feature in displaying time. Besides, Casio has positioned its Pro Trek based on emoticon, as their slogan goes “Feel the Field”. This slogan conveys a message that with the uses of the watch enables the consumers to feel the various and even slightly changes in the field, such as changes in temperature, sunrise/sunset, direction and atmospheric…show more content…
Hublot has segmented its markets by applying demographic bases of gender and income. As seen from the design and infusion of embroidery, and included diamonds in the Big Bang Broderie, it is clearly that this watch is created intentionally for woman. As embroidery are the most feminine materials to breathe into a watch, representing the beauty and gracefulness of a woman. As for income base, most of the luxury watches brands have embedded diamonds and platinum into their watches, Hublot has used the same strategy as well in increasing the value of the Big Bang Broderie. Thus, Hublot has segmented its market on high-income woman, as they required more outstanding and unique watch, in the mean time matched with their

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