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A nurse anesthetist in a nutshell, is one level lower than an anesthesiologist. They not only administer local or general anesthetics to patients, but they also oversee everything from blood pressure, to heart rhythm, to temperature and even level of consciousness. One misconception is that nurse anesthetist only watch over patients, while in surgery, but that isn’t true. In fact, they watch over after, too, making sure all of their vitals are in check. This commonly happens in hospitals, but can also happen at dentist and ophthalmologist offices, or even in the military. It is quite a versatile job to have, and you can be placed in many different environments. The two main benefits of this profession are the salary and availability. The top 10% of anesthetist…show more content…
Admissions to a program like this is highly competitive, and you need various credentials to even be considered. According to the nurse anesthetist program at Kansas University, this is the plethora of essentials you need to even be considered into a program. This includes two years of experience as a nurse, one of which must be in the ICU, or Intensive Care Unit. This will help prepare you for the intensity that an anaesthetist career entails. You also need a valid RN license, along with some shadowing experience with either a CRNA or anesthesiologist. All of these are considerations based upon your career, but they even consider your college career. You must have already completed prerequisites like chemistry, anatomy, statistics, physiology, and biology; all of which, you should have a GPA of 3.o or above in. Overall, your GPA should be at least a 3.0 by the end of you college experience, and this is only the minimum. When finally applying, you must have three references, a solid resume, and a goal statement about your career. As you can see, it is very challenging to get into this field, but it opens so many

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