Effects Of Water Pollution Essay

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Abstract— This paper surveys about the Water Waste and its harmful effects on nature. It talks about the water waste Management procedure undertaken in the UAE. Moreover, it gives an overview on Environment Protection, how it is done, its uses and causes. It also explains the purpose of Environmental Engineering. . I. INTRODUCTION Wastewater is any water whose quality has been badly affected by human activities. Wastewater usually originates from industrial, domestic, agricultural and commercial activities. It also forms from the sewer inflow or infiltration and also by washing down the top soil. The wastewater/ water waste contaminates the environment by causing land and water pollution affecting plant and animal life. In order to manage or treat this waste…show more content…
Industries: it’s polluting our environment because of increasing use of fuels that cause pollution of air and also occur in pollution the soil and water. 2. Transportation: Before people used to use animals as a means of transport, but nowadays we use cars, trains and airplane that need fuel that make in increasing of the environment pollution. “Pollution follows that evolution" 3. Agricultural Activities: Agriculture is mainly responsible for the pollution of water and soil. This is caused by the increased use of pesticides, as well as by the heavy character of its production. 4. Trading Activities: Trading Activities: All about the production and exchange of goods. And pollution can be caused by packaging. 5. Residences: Residential areas have a fair share of pollution also. First, to be able to build homes, then, when people settle in, they will produce waste every day. 2.2 How to protect the Environment We can protect the environment over several procedures: 1. Water: During the purification and therefore be collected in special areas and start disposal of large-sized materials and oils using

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