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How the Existence of New Media Affects Street Art Street art is a way of expression, which can be observed through its public display. While graffiti is still considered vandalism, it sometimes carry intense messages to society and show the artist’s opinions in a powerful and effective way. However, although street art is influential, it has a short life span, as government normally order for it to be removed due to its rioting looks, no matter how valuable it is as art. Artist and New Media Activist A well known faceless street artist Banksy, also political activist allowed a French cameraman Thierry Guetta to put a risk his anonymity through film. While graffiti has already been kept eternally through documentaries,…show more content…
Today, there may be a small amount of high-class people, but there is now plenty of publicity. In the past, Street art impact those who directly saw it before it got covered up. In this age, graffiti are becoming hugely approachable to people. Group of people catch the joy of street art and show up at exhibitions. A big element of New Media is its ability to connect people and assist creation. Street art is now becoming a potent society force, as numerous people are able to view it. The art form is becoming very powerful in this age, and its ability to broadcast messages has led it to become a method of advertising and rallying, for example the artwork of Shepard Fairey, the “Obama Hope” signature displays. Banksy and Fairey are social reformers, using their artistic style to provide political and social concern to the audience of the world. His work shows that he is anti-war, anti-capitalism, and anti-organization. They engage dark humor and slogans in so he can draw attention to issues in society; sarcastic and disruptive is what Banksy is well known for. Apart from that, he mock many human flaw, poverty, greed and…show more content…
It is amazingly clear how New Media has taken the art to another level. It is hard to find completely all Banksy’s work on walking streets especially when many of them are destroyed or disappear soon enough. People share things on social media, because it makes them feel present, being a part of something and that’s why Street art stays forever in the world of New Media. Street art depends on people documenting it through pictures and social media. Not like in most art museums, they don’t let people take photos of exhibit and showpiece. These millions of social exchanges in the digital world make street art more interesting and more dynamic than people could experience in proper

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