Chantel Lopez: A Short Story

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Can’t Hold On Forever Chantel lost her parents and dealt with her abusive aunt for almost two years. ______________________________________________________________________________ Chantel Lopez was an innocent little girl. Her parents died in a car crash when driving over a bridge In Louisiana. After the horrible incident she was sent to go live with her only relative, Tirsa Rico. They lived in a little house in Louisiana with yellow curtains that makes the house brighter when the sunlight came in, orange rugs and a little black table in the kitchen. She lived peacefully with her aunt for a year after the death of her parents. They didn’t talk much about them, but they had a picture of them with some candles with the picture of the virgin…show more content…
Tirsa was outside pacing up and down the concrete in the backyard and Chantel was in her room watching her. It was a warm and breezy week in August, she had started school already and the house was bright. “The house had a warm feeling to it, it felt right,”. Chantel had forgotten to do some stuff when her aunt came in. She was screaming, it seemed like she was at her breaking point. “That look in her eyes, you just knew something bad was going to happen,”. Chantel had never seen her aunt like this, didn’t know what was coming, but she knew it was bad, this was going to scar her for…show more content…
Survivors of the abuse usually have depression, or PTSD, those times are very hard for them, and it probably will be hard for them the rest of their lives. The End of This Nightmare One of chantel’s kept hearing screams for months and finally decided to call the cops. The police came to Chantel’s rescue, where everything changed. Chantel who could no longer bare the violence of her aunt told the police everything. Tirsa was arrested and put in jail. Sadly Tirsa could not stand the new changes and more, died of a heart attack. Chantel was very sad with her aunt’s death, but happy with her new family. “I was very depressed when my aunt died,” Chantel, now 15 lives with her new foster family and gives speeches about being a survivor. She still has horrible memories of what happened, but is healing bit by bit. Chantel says that she will never fully recuperate from her abuse, but will soon learn how to deal with it. The advice Chantel gives is, “Tell someone right away because you don’t know what’s going to happen next, you don’t know if it’s going to get worse and you don’t know when it is all going to end!” Chantel plans on becoming a doctor, or creating a system where you can help stop abuse and help people with

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