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George Bellows is a well-known American realist painter, who is famous for his painting, New York, which was created in 1911. To create this artwork, George Bellows used oil on canvas. Bellows took use of one-point perspective, vertical symmetry, rule of thirds, and dark shades of polychromatic colors to give the viewers an idea of chaos and excitement. These techniques help to express the fast-moving daily life of New York. This painting was created in the United States and can be found in the National Gallery of Art. George Bellows attended Ohio State University before joining the New York School of Art in 1904. While in New York, Bellows studied and was influenced by the work of many artists, such as William Merritt, Edward Hopper, and Rockwell…show more content…
There is a large group of people that are in the street and on the sidewalks. The people are moving in many different directions. It is assumed to be cold outside, because all of the people are wearing coats, hats, and gloves. Mixed in with the large crowd are different forms of transportation. The focal point of the painting is a large gold and yellow carriage in the middle of the street. Behind the people and the street are large buildings that are assumed to be stores and office buildings. This painting was created with oil on canvas, so actual texture is presented. The size of the artwork is 42 x 60 inches…show more content…
He took use of many different elements of art to create such realistic and creative pieces of art. A bold distinction was shown in between the different buildings with the use of outlines. There was a repetition of rectangular shapes in the creation of the buildings and in the windows of each building. Similar rectangular and square shapes were also used to create the vehicles that are driving around in the street. Circular shapes were repeated in the heads of the people and the hats worn by the people that are walking in the street and on the sidewalk. Warm and cool colors, such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple were continuously used throughout this painting. Polychromatic colors were used to create an optical illusion for the viewers and for the colors to intensify each other. Different values of colors in the painting, such as blue and grey help create a cool effect and make it seem as though it is a cold and gloomy day. George Bellows adds texture and color to every section of the painting to create positive space and no negative space. By using oil paint on a canvas, George Bellows created an actual texture that you can see and feel in this

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