Film Analysis: Exit Through The Gift Shop

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The question is not easily answered. Art itself is a something bigger than one can describe in a sentence and definitely does not fit into one specific box. It exists in a land of gray. Ever growing and evolving art has a heavy influence on many people's daily lives. The Banksy film, Exit through the Gift Shop, introduces us to Thierry Guetta, who is one of those people. Thierry starts out as a man with no real direction, equipt with just a camera and a passion for capturing every moment on film. After experiencing street art from behind the lens, he quickly becomes obsessed, wanting to film as many artists in action that will allow him access. Banksy, the ever elusive street artist, urges Thierry to step out from behind the camera and pursue…show more content…
Brainwash goes from a novice filmmaker, with no intentions to create anything of importance, to a successful and sought after street artist. His instant rise to fame is unnerving, being an "idea man" and not the actual creator of his artwork. He relies heavily on the talent of others to execute his visions, leading one to question the validity in calling him an artist. Creating your work with your own hands seems like a given characteristic every artist should possess, but this is not an uncommon factor among artists. Taking credit for surrogate artists should not warrant such acclaim. The lack of MBW's originality and his commoditization of art makes the use of hired hands seem more disingenuous than…show more content…
Like Marcel Duchamp's piece "the Fountain," Thierry is a proverbial urinal, poking fun at the art community. Banksy brings light to the sheep like aspect that is prevalent in art consumers today. They seem unwilling to go against the grain and challenge the ideas and expectations of artists and blindly following the opinions of others. Personally, I don't appreciate the work of Mr. Brainwash. It is hard to see the merit in a work that lacks in originality and authenticity. I do, however, appreciate the idiot savant quality that Thierry exudes. His ability to turn his obsession to an unstoppable force is compelling. It is not fair to tear down a man's passion and devalue his work just because I do not agree with his prestige personally. Andy Warhol was quoted as saying, "art is what you can get away with" and Thierry Guetta, through the aid of Banksy, is getting away with more than anyone could

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