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Project Work S1K Group A paper submitted to Webber International University in partial fulfillment for the Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management By: Timothy Miller, Alistair Shanks and Andre Brooks Date: March 20, 2018 Course:312 Human Resource Management Semester: Spring 2018 Instructor: Dr. Fred Fening Introduction S1K was once a little optician shop that has transformed from a small town shop into a business that is now known as “lifestyle retail group.” Their goal is to buy out companies that are struggling to make it and turn them into a business that are striving. S1K has become a business that can be known as the jack of all trades; offering eye improvements, fashionable sunglasses, tinted contact lenses, jewelry,…show more content…
For instance, right now there is a lack of communication between the company’s shops and their headquarters is a problem. As long as there is a communication barrier at S1K the company is never going to be able to work at full capacity. S1K’s goal is to continue to branch out and with language barriers this is simply never going to happen. As a result, if S1K decided to advance their information technology and their information systems than those language barriers can be torn down. Using technology will allow for the company a chance to communicate better and more effectively since the locations of the business is more diverse spread out and not in one area. Also because S1K uses many systems, if they advanced them they may be able to cut down some of the systems that they have and use only one or two which will make the business run a lot more smoother and efficient. All the businesses that S1K has will be able to communicate and coordinate activities…show more content…
Who they would then start to train. The training is to update their skills in the management field. This training is taught by a specialists. This training should not cause a distraction to the individuals day to day work. Training should also not occur on the website. The next individual that should be targeted by the group S1Ks senior management need to understand the role of the new system and should support it. Seniors managers will probably need training to fully understand the benefits that the project will bring in. The training is best beneficial if done in house for senior managers as a team with the new project manager on site. It should be given by the both the software supplier and the new project manager. With some comments from the chief executive. The next group should be the financial quotes. Depending on how operation are handled they may provide a centralized account movement. All though this may be off the top shelf package. The management should offer a consultant to be a part of the contract or either for additional charge. As the software is starting training courses shall be available. A trainer separate from the company teaching training in house should be most appropriate, along with on job

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