Commitment And Satisfaction In Marriage Essay

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Commitment and satisfaction in marriage is conceptualized in three main qualities: personal, moral, and structural components. The personal component consists of the attraction (physical and emotional connection), the devotion, satisfaction, and the love to the significant other’s persona. This quality of marriage is associated with the martial “satisfaction”. The book Religiosity and Marital Commitment: ‘Until Death Do Us Part’ explains the role of religion in a marriage’s commitment by giving examples of sociological studies. The statement “religious attendance…are merely additional indicators of religion as a barrier to leaving marriage” showed in a visual way what religiosity embodies in terms of a marriage. In light of this statement, religion may act as a way of reinforcement and commitment on a relationship but it can also restrain and limit the freedom of action. People invest more of themselves in a relationship when it is linked with religiosity. Establishing your partner’s needs as a priority would mean giving up personal goals or desires. As can be seen, the personal component depends on the dedication and most importantly the love one has for his/her partner to be willing give up on personal interests. The moral component consists on the personal responsibility to maintain the marriage. Just as important to maintain the…show more content…
What does it mean to attend church and the benefits of it? Church is the place where believers are meant to love, support, serve, guide, be kind, and compassionate to one another. If it’s the case of a religious couple, going to church is not a suggestion, it is an obligation and the will from God to them as believers. As a religious married couple they should attend church regularly since it is their duty. Couples who attend church have a higher chance of marital satisfaction, are less likely to be violent to their family, and avoid

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