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Postmodernism can be described as “a diverse, unstable concept that has denoted particular aesthetic approaches in literary criticism, art, film, theatre and architecture” (Ghirardo 1996: 7). It is a period that moved away from Modernism and rejected Modernisms ideologies (Ghirardo 1996 : 8).Modernism was a “response to the growing complexity of the world” (Riley 2003: 378) and the design aimed to “use industrial processes to create objects with integrity that simplified and dramatized everyday life” (Riley 2003: 378). As Modernism began to change there came a “renewed appreciation for visual variety in the cityscape” (Ghirardo 1996: 14) and slowly Postmodernism began to develop. This essay will aim to discuss the characteristics, concepts…show more content…
Numerous have a very playful nature as some risk and chance has been taken when designing. Pluralism is created when designers are known to work with the clients, they also make use of visual metaphors, paradoxes, diversity (Jencks 1991: 12), unclear boundaries, humour and irony (Jencks 1991: 96-97). Postmodernism allows for anything to be accepted even if it does not conform to the surrounding buildings. It is a “rejection of the possibility for unity of form or ideology” (Ghirardo 1996:…show more content…
This room is used as a restaurant for the guests to enjoy. It is formed by numerous steel A-frames, this space makes a person feel like they are in a giant egg-shaped pod. When it came to Modernism design, only linear shapes were present. The interior design presented here is the complete opposite, as it is complex. Farrell describes this space as “fun” (Design Curial 2012). Lastly, the entrance foyer and escalators within the building is illustrated in Figure 10. The entire interior is grand, thus displaying its complexity in design. Organic shapes can be seen reaching to higher levels of the building. The fact that natural light comes into the building, shows that Terry Farrell considered the environmental aspect of the design. Thus, the KK100 building can be viewed as a good example of Postmodern design as it displays several characteristics of the

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