God's Salvation In The Book Of Romans Analysis

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: The plan of God’s salvation in the book of Romans. According to Christian belief that salvation is from God, and salvation is the free gift from God to those who are believe. I believe too, the reason why salvation of God accured to people because of love, grace and because of the promise of God from the descendants of Adam, however, God also has planned salvation to His people in this world. But in this generation there are many people don’t believe that salvation comes from God instead salvation comes from the effort of man, and the good work of man, but the Bible itself does teach about that, its wrong, its not true at all. Reformed theologian believes that, man was corropted by sinned, and he done nothing to get the gift of…show more content…
Therefore, people that profess to be “good” also break God’s law and have hard and unrepentant hearts, we can see In book of Romans 2:1-5. Because of the way they are doing, they brought condemnation and judged to all men. So who can save them from condemnation and judgement? How can they have a salvation? Therefore, Paul told that the only way to save them from condemnation is to have faith in Jesus Christ, that’s reason why, he wasn’t ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it’s the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, Romans 1:16. Paul knew it was the only way of salvation, the one power of God that was effective in forgiving and chaing man and bring them at least to heaven.Now we can see here Paul wrote this letter, the main idea what He wrote was to show what salvation means in the book of Romans. It includes justification, peace with God a new Holy life and glorification. The only power to accomplish all this is the gospel of Christ. Salvation is offered through faith in Jesus, the Messiah, as we can see in the book of Romans 3:21-23; 10:9, through in Jesus we believe that He is the representative of the righteous by His faith, He brought internal life and

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